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  • BM series, a beam moving bridge type CNC milling machine center manufactured by Vision Wide, is special designed for large workpiece machining which could contains maximal 2,400mm height of workpieces. Vision Wide applies unique techniques to synchronize W-axis feeding with other axial feeding, and ensure the movable beam’s dynamic straightness and heavy cutting power. We provide X travel from 4,200 mm to 10,200mm, Y travel from 3,000 mm to 4,200 mm, and W travel from 1,000 to 1,500 mm, and multi-angle head attachments for automatic machining.

    • BM series 5 faces machines, with typical VW products features of rigid structure and high precision, is unique by the features of movable cross rail and W-axis feed cutting synchronic with other axial feeding. The max. height for work piece & machining is 2,450mm & 2,400mm.
    • The movable cross rail can be positioned precisely by dual synchronized servo motors driving system. Besides, it can carry precision feeding and heavy cutting on W-axis.
    • Rationing hydraulic system precisely control the parallelism of cross rail travel, even with different position of headstock on Y-travel. Dual cylinders offer strong supporting for W-axis smooth movement.
    • Double beams configuration: Fixed beam to keep the best parallelism and maintain the structure rigidity; Movable beam to have the dynamic straightness and sustain the cutting power.
    • Precise clamping device can hold the cross beam tightly, well controlling and supporting the spindle cutting accuracy.
    • Automatic horizontal and vertical tool changer.
    • Automatic head magazine (one head)
    • AH attachment-Automatic 5-face function with 700mm longer Y-travel



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