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  • VF series, classic CNC milling double column/ bridge machining center in Vision Wide product lines, applied box guide ways to display Vision Wide’s delicate scrapping and traditional machinery techniques. VF equipped extraordinary heavy duty cutting ability that met cutting requirements for mold base and components. Meanwhile, there were auto heads attachments for mold surface machining.

    Unique design of sloping beam enabled the center of Z axis close to the beam, and s

    • Three axes movement is fully supported by Harden box way with low friction.
    • Box ways was heat treated to HRC 50 hardness, and was precisely hand scrapping, then assemble and tune to best accuracy to ensure smooth and precise feeding performance.
    • Box-shape with ribs design , main casting structure parts are made of Meehanite grade casting iron with stress- relief heat treatment provide durable, rigid support of the machine.
    • Large size Guide ways are designed with optimal span to carry the table, box-shape bed with strong V-shape enforced ribs allows heavy work piece load.
    • The best center-line layout of spindle system, spindle is close to the Y box way reduce the unbalanced cutting moment and offset of thermal expansion to minimum.


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